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What is Brazil Outreach Ministries Unlimited - BOMU?

BOMU is an organization made up of evangelical Christian missionaries committed to taking the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the people who live in regions of difficult access along the Madeira River, as well as other parts of the Amazon in northwest Brazil.

The mission was founded by North American missionaries and developed by Stanley and Rebecca Abrahamson, a couple who in 1994, along with their two children and two other Brazilian families, made their first boat trip to the outback, the "interior" of the Amazon.

The principle emphasis of BOMU is to evangelize and make disciples with the intent of planting churches. This is a challenge due to various factors. First, there is a high level of illiteracy among the river people. Second, it is difficult to access the people. A boat trip (the only means of transportation) can last several days before arriving at the lakes. Third, there is a strong resistance on the part of the Catholic church. Fourth, the conditions are extreme, including intense heat and innumerable insects, some of which are poisonous. Finally, due to the nature of the ministry, there are spiritual battles and attacks. This is manifested in a number of ways: persecutions, sickness

and even discouragement among the missionaries, due to a lack of personal support.

Brazil Outreach Ministries Unlimited works in cooperation with other missions toward the expansion of the Kingdom, such as Teen Missions International, who do construction projects (including floating churches), HCJB, an evangelical radio station that provides teaching to the river people as well as a wider audience, Asas de Socorro (Missionary Aviation Fellowship, Brazil), who bring in medical teams to meet the physical needs of the river people and the Holiness Church in Brazil, made up of Japanese brothers and sisters who help in the area of health care and education, specifically in training BOMU missionaries to teach illiterate adults.

To sum it up, BOMU reaches three specific areas, all with the ultimate goal of planting churches: evangelism, discipleship and social assistance. The Mission's projects include the construction of boats and churches, literacy programs for adults, medical/dental teams and continuing education to train the missionaries of BOMU so that the greatest number of people possible can be led to Christ.