BOMU is an interdenominational evangelical mission which works in cooperation and partnership with churches and other missionary organizations. We evangelize and disciple the isolated river people in the Amazon basin with the goal of planting churches with strong local leadership.

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Katia Ferreira


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Katia Ferreira


Boat Project Brazil
Expanding the Kingdom of God! Read on...

Katia Ferreira
Extraordinary events took place in our midst from involving fierce spiritual battle. Take time to read through the journals and join us in praising God for His mighty victory.

Katia Ferreira

can no longer live on the margins of the Gospel!

Who Are the River People?
People who live in isolated areas in the Amazon basin, along the margins of rivers and lakes. This region is known as the "interior";
More than 70% are illiterate;
They live by hunting, fishing and the production of farinha, a mealy substance made from the manioc root;
There are no hospitals or doctors and for the great majority, the ER is days of travel away;
Many are afflicted with malaria, dengue fever and leprosy, all of which are aggravated by a poor diet based almost exclusively on fish and farinha;
Their religion is a mixture of Roman Catholicism and superstitious traditions;
The main source of relaxation are the religious festivals which are marked by alcohol, fights, prostitution and even death. These events enslave entire communities.


What Have We Done?
Initiating the river project in 1992, from then to now...
More than 50 communities have been evangelized;
Missionary projects have been realized in partnership with both American and Brazilian teams who donate their holidays;
Opened preaching points in unreached lakes;
Presented the JESUS film in various communities;
Involved over 100 young people in missionary projects;
Offered conferences for capacitating interior lay workers;
Constructed boats and floating churches.

How Do We Operate?
The region is vast and involves days of boat travel to reach the people. The boats serve not only as our transportation, but also as our living quarters while interior. In accordance with the needs of the river people, not only in the spiritual realm but also in the physical, we have developed projects with a social outreach, that besides cooperating with the communities and teaching the people new skills, have opened doors for the preaching of the Gospel.
                Some of these projects include:
Literacy classes;
Sewing courses;
Seminars on basic hygiene and preventative medicine;
Medical and dental assistance;
Wells for clean drinking water.

We Challenge You!


Get involved through prayer. Your prayers can make a big difference in the lives of missionaries and those who are being reached. Pay this price with us and thus participate directly in the ministry!


Get involved financially.
Missionary work needs financial resources.


Be a missionary.
The gifts and talents that God has given you can be instruments for expanding the Kingdom.

Are you a teacher?
Doctor or dentist?
Can you cut hair?
Is there something in your life that could be a blessing to others?