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President - Stanley Abrahamson

There are a vast number of isolated people groups who so not have a true knowledge of the Salvation of Jesus Christ. Many of these groups live in Brazil. One of these groups are the river people of the Amazon. Many of them live on the rivers but in places very distant from the flow of commerce or communities. Many live on lakes deep in the jungle, leaving these lakes only a couple times a year to go to a town for supplies.

These are the souls that the Lord has given us the vision to evangelize, disciple and then establish a local church. Our goal is that the local church be truly local in members, leadership and outreach. With this information as a guide, take your time now and search our web site to see the various facets of this ministry. I trust that you will come to see that the continuity that runs through every program is that Christ is presented. We want this information to give testimony of the faithfulness to God as He blesses us to build His Kingdom. He said that "He does not desire that any perish…." With this as His will and our desire to be obedient, you will enjoy your visit to this site.

Stanley Abrahamson



Just a word of caution: Your heart may be touched to the point that you will find your picture on this site someday. With the Amazon river as the background.